Molly is the eighth generation of a fifty year Border Collie breeding program. Her background includes many ISDS champions. To someday lose her, would also mean that the genetics of all of her brilliant ancestors would be gone as well. By cloning Molly, she and they survive.

Although she herds with flawless finesse and strength, her most impressive accomplishment is her accumulation of human words. Her comprehension vocabulary exceeds 600 words. She learns new names of objects very quickly and retains them, even if she has not seen that toy in over a year. She recognizes the printed names of objects. This is her favourite game.

Molly is a communicator. She listens. She responds with her own vocalizations. Sometimes gazing into her amber eyes is all I need to know what she is thinking. Now that I comprehend the extent of her intelligence, I look forward to teaching Molly 2.0.

A sensitive soul, Molly is the companion who will walk by my side for the rest of my life.

– L. Samson