When Neve came into our lives in 1999, Marianna and I knew that she was unique. For 16 wonderful years, Neve’s unique personality filled our home with love. She was an important part of our family (a part she played well considering how much milk she was able to coerce out of us!) and she touched so many lives throughout the years. But in 2016, Neve’s kidney function declined rapidly and she eventually passed peacefully in our arms.

Marianna and I immediately initiated emergency protocol for ViaGen Pet’s Genetic Preservation, and Neve’s genetic material was successfully preserved. The staff at ViaGen Pets was both knowledgeable and caring, and we felt confident that they were treating Neve as if she was their own pet.

Knowing that Neve is still with us and that we have the option to clone her was unheard of back in 1999. We now live in an age where this cloning possibility exists, and that has helped us immensely with the grieving process. Although cloning isn’t in our budget at the moment, it helps to know her cells and DNA are viable and preserved, giving us options for the future. Thank you ViaGen Pets for making all of this possible!