To put one word on what Niya means to me, it would have to be Love. She taught me that I was capable of love, and of being loved at a time in my life when I was really starting to believe love was not in the cards for me. Niya has been with me all of my adult life. Through 12 years of college. She sat next to me and studied with me everyday. She’s the most educated dog I’ve ever met. Niya was always there when the struggles of the day got to be too much. Five minutes of Niya snuggles erased anything bad in the day. We started and ended every day with a snuggle session. She even knew to get me up 10 minutes before the alarm for snuggles to get out of bed on time. Niya saw me at my best and at my worst… and through it all she still always made sure I knew that she loved Me more than anyone or anything. I decided to have her genetic material preserved so I can clone her because you can’t really improve on the best. So adopting another Pet just wouldn’t be the same. Niya was my soul mate, and soul mates stick together.