L♡ve @ 1st sight. For / from both of us to each other ; that’s how “The OrEO & WFW Show” began.
Our mutual unconditional l♡ve & dedication, that began in March 2007, gets stronger every day. Our rescue of each other on that day now so long ago is a miracle unto its self.

OrEO is a CoJack ; a Corgi/Jack Russell hybrid. Among his many sterling qualities : loyalty, intelligence, response to my voice / hand signals, & obedience. OrEO does *almost everything* I “ask” him to, & does *everything* I “tell” him to. The aforementioned is very important because, although I was not diagnosed when he was a puppy, from 2009-2011 I was diagnosed with a variety of non-life-threatening health issues ; I’m now permanently disabled. He is now my Service Canine. Check out the photo of us in-flight.

Mere words cannot express the joy I felt upon learning that OrEO & I can be together forever, through the miracle of cloning. I learned of this reality shortly before we had a ca$h windfall in January 2017. I immediately contacted our veterinarian, who contacted ViaGen Pets. Now, OrEO’s tissue harvests are (2 dedicated locations) in Cedar Park, TX, & his oral epithelial cells are @ the University of California-Davis !!!!! Truly life altering.