I chose to clone my cat Peanut because he was my soul mate and the most special cat I have ever owned.  He was a Maine Coon and lived to be almost 22 years old. (A long time for a purebred cat)   He loved to cuddle with me and he always wanted to be with me vs the other cats in the household.  He was sweet, and kind and a caring cat and also very friendly.  Whenever I was having a bad day I could go to him and we would just hug each other. He knew my every mood.   He slept with me every single night.  He had some health issues later in life  but he taught me to never  give up on life  because he never did.

I miss my Peanut every day and through cloning I can have him again in my life.  I feel blessed and very grateful and I recommend it to those who have a special pet in their lives.