Every dog is special in its own way to each and every owner. We’ve all more than likely been there or are there now with a beautiful four legged family member or maybe a three legged Family member such as PRADA.

15 ½ Years ago, We came upon Prada at an Animal Shelter just down the road from us. Not a pretty place to visit, but we were headed there thinking we were adopting a Brindle Boxer. At least her profile shot lead us to believe this was the case. Laura stayed in the car as I went in to meet and consider adopting her. The atmosphere was horrendous as I was lead through mazes of chain linked fences, only to find her cowering in the corner, in a dark and wet cage. I was told she was scheduled to be put down the following day due to a leg contusion. It turned out she was fine and they were probably just lining her up to meet the next days quota.

I couldn’t sign the papers fast enough to get her out of this place. The following day we came back to pick up our new Boxer. Laura stayed in the car again because she couldn’t handle going into such a horrific place. I signed papers, was given the leash and walked out the front door with a dog that was beyond excited to receive her “ Get out of jail” card. As I loaded her up in the truck, Laura’s comment was “ You’ve just adopted a Pitbull!!!”. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy. Yet at the same time this Dog instantly went from Nada to PRADA. Life was about to be for the better for her. First stop was McDonalds for a couple of hamburgers and the second stop was the pet store for some toys. We headed home eager to introduce her to the other Family members. The adventures of traveling near and far soon became a tradition. The food became a little better and the peaceful nights in 600 thread count sheets became the norm. The rest is history, as she became the love of our life.

❤️PRADA passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. She was inspiring in every way as she lived each day to the fullest. She learned much from us and we learned so much more from her. I wish I could have bottled up everything that PRADA was and shared it with the rest of the world. Upon opening the bottle, it would instantly spread to be a more beautiful, colorful, understanding, loving, compassionate and trustful world we live on.
Fly High Sweet PRADA. You are beyond missed. ❤️