On my 10th birthday, I was blessed to meet the purest soul I have ever known. From that day, we forged an unbreakable bond for 11 beautiful years.

Mornings began with his loving licks and during the day, we would spend time together in the home theatre and the garden. He loved barking at strangers from the window and was always possessive of his tennis balls. He was always a big foodie and at night he would occasionally claim my room as his own. Whether I was away at university or just behind a bathroom door, he patiently waited for me and bounced to excitement upon my arrival. He was extremely friendly, yet would turn into my protector in a heartbeat if he felt I was in danger.

With him gone, a piece of my heart went with him. Though he’s no longer with me, scientific advancements and ViaGen’s services promise a reunion in the near future. I had foreseen the inevitable day and had ordered the genetic preservation kit from ViaGen before hand. Melanie and Codi were extremely helpful and kind throughout the process. I will definitely be choosing ViaGen’s cloning service to reunite with my pup as soon as possible. In my opinion this is the closest thing to immortality humans have achieved so far.