My dog Rocky was anything but average. We used to joke that he was a reincarnated human, or an alien from another planet trapped in a dog’s body. He possessed a bright spirit and intense personality that transcended that of a typical animal.

Rocky and I were deeply connected. Every time I’d travel without him, for the first days of my absence he wouldn’t get out of his bed for walks, nor would he eat food. Upon my return, he’d beg to be picked up and cradled; he loved to be held like a baby in my arms.

He showed me more unconditional love than I thought possible. He’d follow me everywhere, his big bug eyes projecting pure love at me. All he wanted was to be by my side, a constant comfort during the depths of depression and hardship. He also helped my mom overcome her dog phobia.

When Rocky died in my lap as I was driving him to the emergency room, minutes before we arrived, it felt like my life was over. I’m partnering with ViaGen Pets because I know that just getting another pet wouldn’t fill the void in my heart. Only Rocky is capable of that.