My dog Roowie was my best friend. She brought such joy to my heart. Not only was she beautiful, but she had a gentle and playful personality as well. In my mind, she was and will forever be my perfect companion. My life changed for the better the day she entered my life. She was my constant companion, always with me when I traveled or while at home.

She interacted with me in many special ways. When my mother was dying of cancer, I depended on Roowie for companionship during this difficult time. When I was sad she could sense this, never leaving my side. She helped me get through this and so many other hardships in my life. Having lost my mother and father many years ago, I considered her and my other dogs part of my family.

Roowie was my special angel, my gift from heaven. The eighteen years I was blessed with her I will always treasure. Since she passed away in October 2007, not a single day has gone by where I haven’t missed her. Having selected ViaGen Pets gives me hope of one day having another dog like Roowie.