Spur was only 4 months old when he passed away. I breed American Bullies and from just a few weeks old he chose me as his person. He was always right by my side, he listened so well, he was calm, so loyal, so smart, and he loved everyone. Unfortunately he had a toy stuck in his small intestine and string in his stomach from another string like toy that held a plastic bottle inside. The day before his death he was his normal self, playing, eating, and right by my side. He had been playing with the toy with the string the day before his death. He woke me up puking at 4 am and I could tell something was really wrong. When the vet started the surgery he didn’t react to the anesthesia very well. He was already really weak. I rushed to the vet and sat with him while they tried to stabilize him but sadly he passed not long after I got there. My vet opened him up and found the toy in his small intestine and the string stuck in his stomach. The string had perforated his bowel.
I am so happy to hear that his cells were able to be cultured and now are being stored. I cried tears of happiness after opening the email about the success of his cells being cultured.
Spurs time on earth was short but he was the most incredible boy in every way. I am so very happy to have the chance again to have him back in my life. I am so excited to see his beautiful face once again!