We’ve all had a pet that has meant the world to us. For me, it’s my very handsome,  and oh so dear – Teddy Bear – born on Christmas day in 2006! When Teddy’s chocolate brown eyes look into mine – they melt me. It’s as if our souls have touched. He is so “in tune” to my every move and emotion. I have been around dogs all my life and have never been loved or charmed more! My dear,  Teddy-Bear is  now 11 years old, and my biggest fear is the thought of losing him. We have been through so much together! When a friend of mine referred me to ViaGen Pets for cloning – it was as if my fears had subsided.     ViaGen Pet’s team was so diligent in keeping me informed at every stage of the process. They have truly been a pleasure to work with! Thankfully, Teddy healed quickly from the biopsy procedures.   Now, when he passes on – I’ll be able to initiate the cloning process.  ViaGen Pets has given me a real sense of peace. I’ll be so excited and proud to have a part of my dear,  Teddy-Bear back, again!