My puppy has three herniated discs, he could not walk, we tried several times a conservative process with medication to avoid surgery But it did not work. We traveled 12 hours by car to the capital city of my country because they had to make an echo magnetic resonance and in my city had not yet brought the two resonators that are now available. I spoke with Codi from ViaGen Pets, she was a very attentive person and always aware of the process of tissue collection, even on Sundays she answered my messages. My puppy had an urgent surgery scheduled and we needed to collect the samples soon. They sent the tissue collection tools from the United States to Medellin Colombia very fast. At the time we were going to operate on my dog ​​my mother decided to tell the doctor not to do it, we waited a few days and Tobias my little dog walked again, thank God, the surgery was very high risk because they were done by the neck . Thanks to ViaGen Pets and Codi for being outstanding at all times.