An all-American dog with Italian styling.

My remarkable dog Vicenza rescued me as a 4 month old puppy. She jumped into my lap as I opened the car door, having just parked in front of my room at a hotel near the Georgia coast. I had recently returned from an active duty assignment in Vicenza Italy and was retrieving my car shipped from Europe. Vicenza had been abandoned with no chip or collar. Quite the serendipitous event and indicative of our life together, we adventured to 15 European countries during another army tour in Germany a few years later. The more I traveled with her, and as I began training her, I realized just how special and unique she is – a great gift from the universe. A random, friendly stranger in Germany once approached me as I walked towards a chair at an outdoor bar on the river. He remarked just how evident our love for each other was from the moment he saw us walking together. We also traversed the USA multiple times, including a tour of Utah’s National Parks.

Vicenza has easily lived up to her fancy name, my All American mixed breed with Italian styling.
When we found each other at that hotel in Georgia, my condo was rented and I was forced to stay with friends or family for the next five months. Vicenza stayed with my brother and his wife in GA and army friends from Italy in Kentucky during that time. After I finally moved back into my condo and my friends delivered Vicenza to me, I decided to have her spayed. Working two careers didn’t provide me sufficient time to breed her or care for puppies, and I didn’t yet realize just how special Vicenza is. Years later, I discovered that she still had the drive for unfixed males when she dragged me down the street to greet one. She used a unique cry, posture, and dance during this encounter, and many future ones. She would have made a phenomenal mama, and I regret cutting off her ability to reproduce. At some level, she knows she can’t have puppies. She’s too special to end her genetic legacy at passing.

I’m excited about the opportunity for her to meet her twin sister and for her phenomenal traits to endure. We recently had a scare with removal of two cancer tumors, so I’m anticipating starting the process soon.

My experience working with VIAGEN has been wonderful so far. They’ve been compassionate, understanding and responsive, instilling confidence in the process along the way.