I lost my best friend of 16 years when I lost Winky. My heart aches for him and the grief is almost unbearable. I will miss his weight sleeping on me, I will miss his smell, I will miss him following me around the house and even to the bathroom when I had to go in the middle of the night. I will miss his vocal meows as he would run to greet me as I returned home, asking me why I stayed out so long – even if it was just for a minute. He always had a lot to say and he would say them in the most adorable and amusing ways. And somehow, it all made sense.

I will miss traveling with him. I will miss him running to check on me if I cried out in pain (I often stub my toes). I will miss his catitude and his cool confidence. He was so easygoing but quietly willful at the same time. He absolutely wouldn’t give up until he got what he wanted. I will miss his snuggles and his aggressive biscuit making and him drooling on me when I’m rubbing him just right. I LOVED sleeping in with him. I will even miss him trying to steal my food. He was ALWAYS hungry. He’s never known fear, just love, and his trust in me was complete and defenseless. Even to have a physical part of Winky “live on” means the world to me and gives me comfort.

I couldn’t have made it all these years without you Winky. Thanks for taking such good care of me. I love you so much.