English Bulldog

My English bulldog, Zelda, saved my life on more than one occasion.
First, a devastating divorce at age 52 left me depressed and in debt. My dire situation inspired my attorney to suggest that I get either a therapist or a dog. I chose ‘DOG’ and that dog was a 4 month old bulldog named Zelda.
In the next few years I used my profession as a creative director in advertising to launch Zelda Wisdom Inc. Zelda loved dressing up and posing for the camera. She loved being the center of attention. I loved working with her. Soon, Zelda appeared on Hallmark greeting cards, calendars, figurines, clothing etc. She was featured on Oprah, GMA, the Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, etc. Thanks to Zelda, my divorce debt disappeared and I found my “furever” friend.
Finally, I am a Type 1 brittle diabetic who suffers from seizures. One night I fell out of bed and broke my neck (C2-C3 vertebrae). Zelda crawled under the bed, nudged me until I came out of the coma, and stayed by my side while I called 911. Without Zelda I would have remained in the coma and died.
Zelda and I were inseparable. I have been heartbroken since her passing. This is why I have asked ViaGen Pets to help me clone Zelda.