Summer Travel With Pets

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Do you like to take your pet everywhere?  Even when you are vacationing?  Well you are definitely not alone.  Most pet parents have traveled with their pet at least once.  Traveling for vacation can be fun and stressful at the same time.  Even though you are looking forward to beginning your vacation, there is a lot of preparation you will need to do in advance to ensure a pleasant stay.

Vet visit

First of all before you travel, schedule a visit with your Veterinarian.  Most importantly want to make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel.  If you plan to leave the country, you will need extra documentation like updated vaccines and a health certificate verifying your pet is fit to fly.


Make sure your pet’s tags and collar are up to date.  In case your pet gets lost, you want to make sure he comes back from vacation with you.  In addition, microchip your pet as an extra precaution.

How will you be traveling?  By car or plane?

If you are traveling by car, you want to make sure your pet has a safety harness or is in a carrier in the backseat of the car.

If you flying, having your pet inside the cabin is the best option if your pet is small.  If you have to place your pet in the cargo, make sure to pick shortest flights and direct flights if possible to avoid the risk of your pet not being transferred to a connecting flight on time.  Also, research pet policies for different airlines and choose the best option for you.  Some airlines are more attentive to pets needs than others.  You want to make sure they have knowledgeable employees.  Here is a link to give you some basic differences:


Make sure to pack items that will prepare you for the trip.  Any favorite toy(s), medication, first aid kit, bedding, food, and water dish are some items to make sure to pack to ensure you are covered.


It’s not always easy depending on where you go, but try to stick to your pet’s regular schedule to help minimize nerves and boredom.  Make time for plenty of playtime, walks and attention during your trip.

The most important thing is to have a fun and safe summer vacation!  Enjoy your time and make the most of it.

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