Throwing A Party For Your Pet?

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If you are like me you love showering your furry friends with food, fun and activities. What better way to do that than with a huge party! The best part about pets is they can’t tell time so you can throw a party for them any time of year and they’ll never think twice about it! There are a few things to consider when throwing a party for any furry (or not furry. We don’t discriminate.) friend which we’ll get into below.


Is this a party for a dog? They’ll love it no matter where you throw it! If they like the company of other dogs and have lots of other puppy friends then maybe a dog park or the back yard is the place for you. Just make sure you don’t invite any doggy strangers to the party. You don’t want to have to deal with that awkward moment where your dog decides he doesn’t like the smell of that other dog. If your pooch isn’t a big fan of other dogs then maybe inside in the living room will suit you better where all his human friends can sit comfortably in a group and give him all the attention he/she desires.

Is this party for a cat? Easy, since your cat (like mine) probably doesn’t have many cat friends and most likely doesn’t like humans for more than a few minutes at a time (also like mine) then right at home is the purrfect place for a kitty party. Also, let’s face it, the cat will decide where he/she wants to have the party whether you agree with it or not. Maybe print out some pictures of different places and put them on the ground for your cat to peruse. The one they shred the most is probably the one they are most interested in. Or the least. Who can tell? Whatever you do don’t invite your one friend with the pet rodents. While your kitty may enjoy it, you may end up spending your party time counselling a grieving friend and man, what a downer that would be!


Feeding a bunch of excited puppers? Grab the paper plates and serve up a hefty slice of dog friendly cake! Feel free to add a side of dog friendly ice cream or a homemade pupsicle. Accidentally drop the cake on the floor? That’s just more exciting! Throw some candles in it (unlit) and watch the madness ensue!

Feeding your kitty and (if she’s feeling in a giving mood) her kitty friends? Break out the fine china and get that electric can opener working! If your cat is like mine make sure to offer the entire can of white albacore but only expect to have a small part of it eaten. Only beggars finish all the food given to them! Feel free to bring the leftovers to the dog party up the street. They love leftovers!


Need a present idea for a dog? Of course not! If you aren’t giving them food (and why wouldn’t you) then give them something that squeaks. Most dogs also love toys that make them work for their snacks.

Want to buy something special for your kitty? Well, you’re in luck! This is your chance to buy that thing on Amazon that you’ve been eyeing for a while but never had a good reason to purchase, whether it’s a mini fridge or that crazy cat lady action figure. When you get your package in, simply open the box, take out everything inside and place the box on the floor. Best. Cat present. Ever.

Whether you are buying for a dog or cat you may even consider Genetic Preservation. Contact ViaGen Pets and order a gift card to put inside your card.

Hopefully your furry loved one enjoys your party as much as you enjoy throwing it for them. If so, let’s do it again next week!



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