Top Dogs to Follow on Instagram

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Instagram is a vastly growing social media platform for all ages and all brands.  Currently there are over 700 million users on Instagram.  Many of the brands you can follow aren’t your average brands (i.e. clothing, department stores, etc.) but household pets that have become the rage and thus a brand.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite top dogs to follow on Instagram. So here you go!

Ipartywithbrucewayne  Bruce Wayne is a Chihuahua with over 58.2k followers.  This adorable boy has the cutest little white body with a black face and ears.  His Mom likes to dress him up in Batman attire, dress shirts, Hawaiian shirts and place him next to soft pretzels that might be larger than he is.  Nothing ever seems to faze Bruce Wayne as he is always cool, calm and collected.

abby.pup  Abby is a rare Mi-Ki breed with over 85.4k followers.  Abby is a beautiful little girl with a precious little face.  Scroll her page and you cannot help but smile at all the adorableness.

Mensweardog  “The most stylish dog in the world.” Honestly this might be the most hip, stylish dog on the planet and with over 319k followers.  I love to search my feed for the latest, greatest, coolest outfit this pooch will be wearing.  That’s one very creative pet parent.

90210dog  “I’m a fashionista maltipoo living a fabulous pawfect life in Beverly Hills.  I love traveling, philanthropy and spreading joy. Let’s be BFF’s!” This maltipoo has over 68.5k followers.  I must say the white and pink combination is nothing short of fabulous and I love it!

Many_the_frenchie “A bacon loving, sink napping, Frenchie talking, philanthro-PUP!” This French Bulldog has over 1million followers.  Yes! You read that right.  Manny is nothing short of an Instagram sensation.

Trotterpup “Fat & sassy.” This pup has over 201k followers and manages to make me giggle all the time.  I absolutely love the creative costumes and the uber chill demeanor.

Do you have a dog at home that could be the next Instagram sensation?  Post your fur babies picture on Instagram and be sure to tag us at @viagenpetsandequine.


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