2016 in Review

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Dear Friends:

What an amazing 2016 for ViaGen and ViaGen Pets!  The exciting journey continues as we build new relationships with clients and partners.  New foals, calves, piglets, puppies, and kittens always bring excitement and new inspirations.  This year we had the opportunity to follow the many ongoing successes of our clients at the Olympics in Rio, at the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin, the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, at the Argentine Open, and in numerous other venues around the world.  We had the unique pleasure to escort a very special litter of kittens on a private jet to Monaco, while also having the opportunity to hand deliver numerous puppies and kittens to clients from around the world.  No matter the special animal or the client, they all represent a treasured new life filled with potential.  It brings us all great joy here at ViaGen to hear from our clients and friends as they share their very personal experiences and thrills with their new ‘family’ members.

Thanks to Mary Walker for sharing her 2016 journey with ‘Double Latte’ (also called ‘Ditto’), her cloned stallion of the world champion barrel racing gelding ‘Latte’.  ‘Ditto’ looks incredible and his photos hanging out with ‘Latte’ are priceless.  Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories on our website about your unique relationship with your special dog or cat.  We all have that special relationship that leaves us craving for more.  My daughter reminds me that our horse program relies completely on our cloned stallion, Pure Tailor Fit.  ‘Fit’ reminds us every day of our dreams and he brings us immeasurable joy as our ‘ace’ in training and also as the sire of our future superstars.

ViaGen Pets is becoming increasingly visible in the companion animal community as we continue our focus on veterinarians, by launching our ViaGen Veterinary Network, and education.  We understand that genetic preservation and cloning are brand new to many pet owners who are unaware that we have been providing cloning services to horse and livestock owners for over 15 years.  Many of our companion animal clients are choosing to enjoy their decision privately while others are willing to share their story on our website or in other social media.  Our companion animal program is thriving.  We are working with such a great diversity of clients from the families who have a beloved companion to the ‘elite special forces’ trainers who are looking to reproduce combat proven genetics.  We treat each new case as a unique opportunity to spark a new flame with our clients as they learn about how we can take a living cell from their beloved companion animal and produce a healthy, happy, identical twin.  It is truly exciting every week as we get to meet new clients and hear their story.  If you have any questions about our cloning services, we encourage you to reach out to one of our client care specialists who are experts at listening and answering your questions.

We like to take this time of year to pause for a moment and reflect….then take a glimpse into the future.  It has been our pleasure and honor to serve you in 2016.  We look forward to working together in 2017 and beyond as we continue to dedicate ourselves to excellence in all that we do.

Thank you for your friendship.

Blake Russell


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