Genetic Preservation and Pet Cloning Services for Veterinary Practices


The first American-born cloned puppy, ‘Nubia,’ a spunky Jack Russell Terrier.

ViaGen Pets delivered the first cloned kitten in 2015.

Partnering to Strengthen Relationships

ViaGen Pets works closely with veterinarians and their staff to help them educate and offer clients options for preserving, protecting, and memorializing a relationship with a beloved animal companion.

Over 500 ViaGen Pets Veterinary Network members are beginning to benefit from their partnership with ViaGen Pets as part of a network of practices that are addressing patients’ questions and initiating genetic preservation (GP) in their offices, which is the first step in cloning.

ViaGen: The Leader in Cloning Services Worldwide

ViaGen has been the global leader in genetic preservation and cloning services for equine and livestock for more than a decade. We have set the standard for genetic preservation and animal cloning services, and our companion pet, equine and livestock owners around the world trust that we will always have their best interests at heart.

Veterinarian examining a dog with its owner

“Genetic preservation is a logical addition to a veterinary practice—something staff can talk to clients about during wellness visits. It is a fundamental step for informing people and engaging them in cloning as a viable option.”
— Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, Veterinary Consultant

Compassionate Protocol Eases Transitions

We are a group of animal lovers who fully understand and share the bonds people develop with their pets. We have seen how incorporating genetic preservation into a practice protocol can help build long-term relationships and overcome the compassion fatigue associated with making decisions about end-stage treatment, pain management, hospice, and last goodbyes.

Veterinarians and practice staff are all too aware of the emotional strain these end-of-life discussions have on their practices. Talking to bereaved pet owners about GP and cloning is a win-win for veterinary practitioners looking to offer compassionate options that lessen the finality of losing a pet.

“As a veterinary oncologist also focused on palliative care and hospice for dogs and cats, I see how this could become a more accessible opportunity for those who want to have an option for a continuum with a genetically-similar pet who they are on the verge of losing. I’ve had cloned dogs as patients and the owners are very happy with their decision.”

Dr. Alice Villalobos, world-renowned Los Angeles veterinarian

Contact ViaGen Pets at 1-888-876-6104  to discuss the benefits of offering GP within your practice and joining the ViaGen Pets Veterinary Network. You may also request information here.


Veterinarians simply collect and send a small tissue sample to ViaGen Pets, where cells are cultured and then cryopreserved.

Simple Procedure Produces Extraordinary Results

ViaGen Pet’s technologically-advanced process begins with genetic preservation, a basic biomedical procedure used to safeguard and maintain a pet’s DNA. Veterinarians can offer genetic preservation at any stage of a pet’s life by using a dedicated ViaGen Pets GP kit and sending a DNA sample taken during a routine procedure or wellness visit to the ViaGen Pets cryostorage facility to be processed and preserved. In case of an emergency. Please click here to learn about emergency protocol procedures.

To produce a clone, the ViaGen technician replaces the nucleus of a donor egg with one of the founder’s frozen cells. ViaGen’s proprietary treatment process joins this egg and cell together to produce an embryo, which a highly-trained ViaGen embryologist then implants in a surrogate. An identical genetic twin is delivered after a normal gestation period. ViaGen Pets assumes full responsibility for the long-term care and well-being of all egg donors and surrogates.

pet cloning diagram

Options for U.S. Pet Lovers

ViaGen Pets advanced technology brings U.S-based cloning services within reach of more pet lovers, offering canine cloning for $50,000 and feline cloning for $50,000. We offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee if a healthy pet isn’t delivered. Our GP service costs $1,600, with a $150 annual storage fee.

A cloned puppy or kitten is simply a genetic twin born at a later date, and should share many of the original’s attributes, including intelligence, temperament and appearance. Research has shown cloned animals have the same health traits and life expectancy as other pets.

ViaGen Pets is the only American company that clones puppies and kittens utilizing pet cloning services in full compliance with all U.S. regulatory standards and humane pet care practices. We expect this will increase demand for cloning and genetic preservation of companion pet DNA.