Cowboys in Vegas!

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We are quickly approaching the greatest 10 days of the “Cowboy Lifestyle.” The National Finals Rodeo will take place from December 6th through the 15th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Very exciting for ViaGen Pets & Equine, cloning has recently become important to improving bull and bronc herds often used […]

National Pet Diabetes Month

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1 out of every 100 dogs that reaches the age of 12 will develop diabetes.  In cats it’s estimated that 1 in 250 cats will develop diabetes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is an illness caused when the body cannot use sugar normally (sugar diabetes).  This is the more common type called diabetes mellitus.  Diabetes insipidus […]

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

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Did you know that November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month? Cancer is the leading cause of death for dogs in the United States. One in four dogs and one in five cats are likely to get cancer. With rates that staggering let’s get serious here. Warning Signs & Symptoms Changes in eating habits Fluctuations […]

Pets & Halloween

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During Halloween many humans wear costumes, and some also try to include their pet in on the fun. While there are many cute costumes available, pet owners should be aware of their pet’s disposition when trying to dress them. One thing that should not be scary during Halloween is getting your pet dressed up. While […]

Fun Dog Facts

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The Newfoundland breed has a water resistant coat and webbed feet. This dog was originally bred to help haul nets for fishermen and rescuing people at risk of drowning. Much like a person’s fingerprint, a dog’s nose print is unique. Human blood pressure goes down when petting a dog. And so does the dog’s. When dogs kick […]