Cat Cloning Presents A Unique Opportunity

Cat cloning by ViaGen Pets allows cat owners to extend the opportunity for the unique happiness and companionship that a beloved cat brings. Cats add a special presence to a home, and the relationship that forms over the years between a cat owner and his or her cat is unique. We know this from firsthand experience—many of us are cat owners ourselves. ViaGen is the word leader in animal cloning and reproductive technology. Over the past 15 years, we’ve invested significantly to advance the groundbreaking technology behind these processes. We’ve successfully cloned thousands of cows and hundreds of horses, delivering healthy, happy animals to our long-time clients. Our parent company, TransOva Genetics, has been providing leading animal cloning and reproductive services for livestock clients for over thirty years. Our commitment to exacting science and animal welfare is unmatched in the space. We are excited to now add cat cloning to our services through ViaGen Pets, using the same successful, patented processes we’ve developed over decades of work.

What Is a cloned cat?

We know that many cat owners have questions about cat cloning. A cloned cat is simply a genetic twin of your current cat, born at a later date in time. Cat cloning does not change the genetic make-up of your cat and does not involve any genetic modification. Your cloned cat will share many of the most important attributes of your current cat, including appearance, intelligence and temperament. Your cloned cat will be just as healthy and live just as long as your current cat, and is no more susceptible to health issues than any other cat. If you are interested in cat cloning, the first step you should take is to preserve your cat’s genes through genetic preservation (GP). Your veterinarian will collect a small tissue sample, in a quick and simple biopsy procedure. That tissue sample will then be sent to ViaGen Pets, where we will culture new cells that share the same genetic identity as the tissue sample. We will then freeze these cultured cells and they can be stored safely for many years, if desired. Many cat owners from across the United States have already preserved their cats’ genetic identities with ViaGen Pets.


Take the first step in animal cloning

If you then do decide to move ahead with cat cloning, ViaGen Pets will use your cat’s frozen cells in the cloning process. We will begin by taking one of the cells and replacing the nucleus of a female cat’s egg. After treatment by our patented process, the egg and cell will join together and the embryo will start to grow. Soon the embryo will be transferred to a surrogate mother. After a normal gestation period, your cat’s genetic twin will be born. The happiness of our clients is our priority at ViaGen Pets. We will be in communication with you throughout the cat cloning process, providing updates and answering questions. It’s an exciting process for both the cat owner and our team here at ViaGen Pets. There’s nothing we enjoy more than the day we deliver a cloned cat to one of our valued clients. Call us at 888-876-6104 to speak with a genetic preservation expert.