ViaGen Pets is using its groundbreaking technology to advance the cause of animal conservation.

As a species’ numbers dwindle, so does its genetic diversity—the range of inherited characteristics within its population. Generally, the more diverse the gene pool, the longer animals live and the more offspring they have, boosting their chances of survival. But once their population has dramatically shrunk, even if the species rebounds, genetic variation does not […]

On February 17, 2023, ViaGen Pets and Equine, working with the esteemed San Diego Zoo, successfully cloned a second endangered Przewalksi horse. Just like the first clone, born in 2020, this clone was created from a horse cryopreserved by the San Diego Zoo in 1980.

Scientists have successfully cloned a wild black-footed ferret that died more than 30 years ago, according to a statement from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The young clone, born December 10, 2020 and named Elizabeth Ann, is the first ever native endangered species to be cloned in the United States, reports Douglas Main for National Geographic.

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