Happy 1st Birthday Baxter

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It’s my Birthday…I am one year old! I am really not sure what that means but my family was very excited and planned a special day for me. It all started off with a homemade waffle treat topped with peanut butter. Peanut butter is my favorite! Well, peanut butter and cheese probably tie for my favorite treats. I will do almost anything for peanut butter or cheese. Well, I would do anything if I could focus on something other than the fact that I might get some peanut butter or cheese. You would think that would make it easy to train me, but my family has found that if they use any treat with peanut butter to work on my training I am so excited and focused on the treat, that they can’t get me to do anything other than try and sit with my butt wiggling because my tail is wagging so hard, and all my concentration is totally focused on the peanut butter treat. They have found it is easier to use bits of treats in any flavor other than peanut butter when we are working. Anyway, the waffle was ok, but licking the peanut butter off was awesome!

We live in southern Alberta, so in February there is a good chance there will be snow, which is another thing I love. I have a coat and booties to wear when it gets too cold, but I really love to go run around in the snow without them. I don’t know what it is, but running around biting at the snow just never loses its fun! Eventually it gets cold on my tootsies and I bounce up and down on the porch to come inside and thaw out. I have found that the best place to lay after a romp in the snow is right on top of the heat vents in the floor. I can get dried off, warmed up and have a nap all at one time!

After a romp in the snow and a bit of a nap in the comfy chair with SarahAnn while she studied, it was time for cupcakes and presents! Yummy, yummy, my family made special doggie cupcakes for Tessa, Maggie and me…PEANUT BUTTER AGAIN! The wait for cupcakes was a bit longer than Maggie and I expected. Apparently Tessa is not very good at sitting and posing for pictures.

Maggie and I sat our butts down facing our cupcakes as quick as can be, but Tessa just laid down and wouldn’t even face the camera! We sat there for what seemed like forever, with peanut butter cupcakes within reach, staring between our cupcakes and Tessa. Finally, they gave up…it was peanut butter time! I don’t think Tessa ever tried her cupcake and Maggie had hers done in no time, and I just licked and licked…peanut butter is delicious.

After cupcakes it was time to open my birthday present from my brothers and my Seattle family.

The birthday present is wrapped in crinkly paper and has been sitting on the floor in our living room for days. There have to be some awesome treats inside, because I keep sticking my nose in as close as I can and I smell yummy things. My family keeps telling me I have to wait to open it and today is finally the day! It took Emma a while to get the ribbon off and open the wrapping, but finally I was in!  I stuck my nose in from a couple of different angles sniffing around and finally pulled out my prize…a little squeaky teddy bear, he kind of looked like me. My family took off the packaging and I lay down to enjoy my toy! I would have played and chewed on my new teddy bear for longer, but the girls were looking at all the other toys in the basket and I couldn’t resist checking them out also. There were balls and treats and rope bones and more squeaky toys than I thought possible. It was hard to decide what to play with next, but I sniffed and chewed and chased balls to my hearts content. Finally, once most of the toys were dispersed around the house, I went back for another look at what was left in the basket. Down at the bottom I found another treasure…a raw hide, just my size! Maggie watched as I took it over to have Samantha unwrap it. I knew that if Maggie got hold of a rawhide that size she would chew it up in 2 minutes flat, so once it was unwrapped I ran out of the room and hid on the stairs to enjoy my treat!

Wow, what a busy day! I had no idea that birthdays could be so exhausting. It is definitely time for a snooze with one of my new amazing toys. Thank you to both my families for such a wonderful birthday!

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