Dead dogs and cats cloned by grieving owners ‘to have a piece of them back’

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Grieving pet owners are forking out thousands of pounds to clone their beloved pets in a bid to keep their memories alive.

Cloning gives owners the chance to extend the loving bond they shared with their pet – but with an identical twin animal.

ViaGen Pets and Equine is able to clone cats, dogs and horses by taking tissue cells from an animal which are then frozen and stored.

Once the pet owner is ready to begin cloning, the company uses a small portion of cells to form an embryo which is then transferred into a surrogate dog.

ViaGen offers Genetic Preservation for a cool $1600 (£1200) with cloning services ranging anywhere from $50,000 (£38,000) to $85,000 (£65,000) depending on the animal.

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