I Cloned My Dog—They Have Completely Different Personalities

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I grew up on a big farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and each summer during my teenage years, I would leave the farm to go and stay with a friend of my fathers who was a well known mineral prospector. He taught me all about mineral prospecting during those summers together, and it’s really what I’ve been doing ever since. There’s no better place on earth than Saskatchewan for the work I do. I now run my own mineral exploration and oil production company here; we have worked extensively in South and Central America and Europe, but we tend to focus on Saskatchewan now because it has such a wide variety of minerals, including diamonds.

In pre-COVID times we would tend to escape the Saskatchewan winters to a silver mining property my company owns in Jalisco, Mexico. That is where myself and two other prospectors, Felipe Robles and Gabino Jaimes, found Sydney; she was from a litter of puppies that had been poisoned, and was the last surviving pup.

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