Let’s Talk Dog Cloning — Would You Ever Clone Your Dog?

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What once seemed sci-fi fantasy is now a reality. See where scientists are at with dog cloning today — and exactly how to clone your dog.

Would You Clone Your Pet?

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Admit it: you’ve at least thought about it. Cloning your pet is kind of a pet owner’s dream, in a weird way. But did you know you can actually do it? Like, right now?

The Plan to Clone an Extinct Horse

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One woman hopes technology can resurrect the Abaco Island breed.

Cloned Offspring Of Dolly The Sheep Are Doing Well

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WSJ Reports Healthy Descendants of Famous Animal Cloning Pioneer Dolly The Sheep Twenty years after the famous cloning of Dolly The Sheep, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that her offspring are healthy.  

Viagen Pets Dog Cloning Appears in Pet Age

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 Pet Age Features ViaGen Pets’ Cloning Services We were thrilled to recently have our pet cloning services featured in the national pet retail B2B magazine, Pet Age.  You can read the article here.