What is Pet Cloning?

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The Basics of Pet Cloning

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There is no denying it, we love our pets. We love our pets so much that we consider them members of our family, making sacrifices in travel and living so that they can always be near us and as comfortable as possible. It is expected that Americans will spend more than $60 billion on their pets this year with most of this money being spent on safety and life enrichment. In a society where we place so much emotional and financial investment into our pets, it’s not hard to understand why the death of that pet can be such a tragic and life altering experience. So what do you do when your best friend dies?

No one likes to plan for the loss of a beloved family member and pets are no exception. There are many resources available to help make sure the passing is a smooth as possible for both pet and owner. Many people try and fill the void that is left by the passing of their beloved pet by adopting a similar breed in the hopes that a similar relationship can be built. Cloning your pet is like this idea only one step better.

What Steps Are Involved?

When you clone your pet, a piece of tissue is taken and broken down into its individual components, or cells. These cells are then used to make an identical genetic copy of your pet. In the end it is important to note that pet cloning is no different than selective breeding through human actions to control certain traits. Cloning is just like giving birth to an identical twin, only separated in time. While the clones cannot be guaranteed to look or behave exactly the same as your original companion, the similarities will be uncanny. One thing is for sure, the relationship you form with that animal will be a genuine one.

Continuing A Special Relationship

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Cloning your pet means you get to start your cherished relationship over from day one and get the satisfaction of caring for that animal all over again. There are some who would say that cloning pets is unnecessary because there are so many homeless pets in need of rescue. While that is a valid point, those of us who have lost our best friends to sickness and death know that cloning our companions isn’t just to have another pet. We are doing it because we want to continue that relationship we feel was cut too short and re-form that special bond that can’t be filled by any other animal.

That desire to bring back his friend and make his family whole again has led us to this point where ViaGen Pets, the leading company in cloning technology, can offer people the ability to re-start their relationships with their lost companions; whether dogs, cats, and horses. This technology has improved and keeps improving over time to help us reconnect families with their friends again all over the world.

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