The Research and Technology Behind Pet Cloning

Posted by on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 in Pet cloning
pet cloning diagram

Pet Cloning Builds On A Legacy of Research

ViaGen Pets’ successful pet cloning services build upon ViaGen’s strong background and long history of success in the livestock cloning business.   We have been able to transfer a large portion of that knowledge and expertise directly to pets — while also developing brand new avenues for research specific to both dogs and cats.

pet cloning diagram

From our industry-leading technology utilized to clone livestock, we have brought in a host of proprietary media, with only minor modification, for utilization in oocyte maturation, embryo manipulation and embryo culture. We have also been able to use the same industry-leading technology platform for cloning in areas such as oocyte enucleation, reconstruction and activation.

Dog Cloning and Cat Cloning Innovations

Specific to dog cloning, we have been able to develop proprietary technology for monitoring ovulation and collection of matured ova. We have also been able to enhance the very underdeveloped field of canine embryo transfer. With regard to cat cloning, we have now developed efficient and effective methods for synchronization of the mother cat and embryo transfer. For both dogs and cats the overall benefit of this research is to, over time, decrease the cost of the cloning process in hopes of bringing this technology to a wider range of animal lovers.

The combination of our strong cloning background and species-specific focus on both cats and dogs has led us to the successful production of happy, healthy and adorable cloned pets.

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