“Angel” was truly my Guardian Angel. I am a Type 1 Diabetic who is prone to low blood sugar attacks. One night, around midnight, I went into a coma and fell out of bed fracturing my neck (C-2 & C-3 vertebrae). I was unconscious and would have remained that way if it hadn’t been for my dog, “Angel.” She crawled under the bed, where I lay in a coma, and began ‘head butting’ me. Her dogged determination to wake me worked. I blinked my eyes and “Angel” stared at me. Her clear message was, “you must survive.”

For the next hour “Angel” stayed by my side as I clawed my way, on the carpet, around my bed. I would black out and “Angel” would revive me with her head butting. Finally, I reached the phone and dialed 911. When the paramedics arrived “Angel” was sitting by my side. That was when the paramedics said that my heavy-breathing, short legged, pudgy English bulldog had saved my life. They nicknamed her “Angel.”

I want to clone ‘Angel” in the hope that there will be another “Angel” like her, in my life.