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On March 16, 2017, after a successful exploratory surgery, my 5-year-old cat, Chai, passed away from what was determined to be a blood clot post-op. I was devastated. At the age of 5, I adopted my first cat and have had cats all my life since then, but I’ve never had a bond with a pet like the bond I held with Chai. She understood when I was upset. Her personality very much mirrored mine, and while it wasn’t something wholly tangible, we had a bond that was inherently unique. I lost a part of my heart the day she passed, and after the initial shock of having walked into the private room of the vet clinic thinking I was picking up my cat passed, I remembered about cloning. I looked up ViaGen Pets and called them the next morning. Chai had been frozen overnight at the vet, so there was a chance her cells wouldn’t be viable but we ended up 6.4 million viable cells by the end of it. To me, cloning her gives me a chance to carry on a small piece of her. The cloned kitten won’t be Chai, but in essence, her genetics will be. In addition, I have a following on Instagram of over 41k followers who have been watching Chai for two years. Having a chance to keep her image alive means more than anything to me and to the community that fell in love with her.