Tuxedo Cat

From the very beginning, Chase, our now 21-year-old tuxedo cat has enriched our lives. He showed up a flea-ridden, ear mite infested to the point of bloody ears, street kitten. I nursed him back to health and he has made it his life’s work to show me his gratitude. He has leaped into action to guard me against two 80-100lb dogs that knocked me over – playfully, but he didn’t see it that way. He single-handedly scared off a 6’+ ex-marine drug addict that broke into our small apartment when I was in college. My husband and I were in the back room asleep when we heard loud noises in the front room. I went to investigate and found Chase all puffed up and it seemed as though my purse was thrown around the floor. He has traveled the country from WV to WA. He is the most sensitive cat I have ever known to lay with my husband and I when we aren’t feeling well. He makes the whole world stop with one sound of his thunder purr… He has been diagnosed with CRF, Heart failure and now has a mass on his spleen. Even with everything going on with him, he just wants to be near to protect me. He has impacted my life so profoundly that I just don’t know what to do without him. That is why I turned to ViaGen Pet’s Express Tissue Banking service. It gave me a little bit of solace in a very dark time that I really need. I know that if we decide to clone, that it won’t be Chase, but I like to think of it as Chase’s offspring. So far our experience has been wonderful. The package was easy for the veterinarian to understand and complete with ease. It didn’t seem too painful for Chase to go through and he recovered from the biopsy within a few days. Once the kit was received by ViaGen Pets, every step of the process is detailed for us. We really appreciated the fact that our sample was sent to two different locations for storage just in case there was some kind of failure at one of the facilities. ViaGen Pets really does go the extra mile and it shows.