Ella is our entire world.

The day I brought Ella home was one of the best days of my life. The second I stepped within a few feet of her, she nearly leaped into my arms – like she had been waiting an entire lifetime for her mama to find her. She came to me at a time when my world was about to fall apart, almost as if she knew that too. She didn’t even cry or bark the first night I brought her home, like she knew how safe and loved she would be for the rest of her life.

She is everything I could ever hope for in a dog – she is the perfect size for all our travels (a fun-sized 4.5 lbs), incredibly calm and secure (very uncommon in a Yorkie), almost never barks (also uncommon), was SO easy to train (as a certified therapy and service animal), has been such a tough and healthy girl with zero congenital issues and hardly ever getting sick (nearly unheard of in purebred teacup dogs), has more beautiful hair than I do, and has the cutest face I have ever seen (I know I’m biased, but just her photo still doesn’t do her justice).

But more importantly, she is my dream companion. She is the sweetest and most intuitive little girl, and knows when I need her long before I do. She loves other dogs and plays so gently with children. She happily welcomes attention from strangers. I can take her with me anywhere and she will behave perfectly for any occasion or setting. But she has no idea that I need her so much more than she needs me. I know that I could never get this lucky again in a million years.

This is why ViaGen was a no-brainer for my husband and I. We are not having children so Ella is our baby, and imagining life without her is unfathomable but we know that life is finite. At first I thought the idea of cloning a dog was wild, but I must say that simply knowing we will have an opportunity to get her back (or at least her twin sister) when it’s time for her to leave us gives me so much comfort. It makes even the thought of losing her feel so much less devastating.

Thank you ViaGen, even if just for the peace of mind. You have been so helpful and understanding during this process. We are endlessly grateful!