We’ve been blessed with many dogs over the years, all rescues. Each is special and unique, and the ones who have passed on are missed beyond words. As Herbie, who is one of our last surviving companions, nears the end of his life, we realize that we want to be able to keep a part of him with us. We became aware of ViaGen’s cloning service and felt like this was something we really wanted to do.

Herbie was an unwanted dog who was days away from being euthanized when we found him on a shelter’s page with a plea for help. In the eleven years since, we have had so many good times with our special boy. He was even our dog rescue’s mascot! Kind, funny, gentle and sweet, Herbie stole our hearts all those years ago. And although it’s breaking our hearts now to say goodbye (as it did with all of our dogs), we are comforted that someday we can have his twin.

—Richard & Tracy Treen