Hercules! Hercules!

Hercules is the love of my life! As a little kitten, he was dropped off at our house by 2 strangers. The moment I saw him, he ran over, laid on my feet, and looked up at me with his big green eyes. It was love at first sight! My life was forever changed. And I am forever grateful that the stars aligned for us! He’s been with me for 16 years now and we grow closer each day! He loves going outside, sleeping by my head, drinking out of cups, and napping in the sunshine. He truly is my best friend and “son”. Meet me for a few minutes and you’ll shortly hear about Hercules!

I found ViaGen Pets via an internet search. The idea of him leaving me one day is too hard to bare but I have comfort knowing that his genes have been preserved and there is an option of having his identical twin with me one day. Everyone at ViaGen Pets has been amazing! And I am thankful this technology.