Jeremy Bentham

I didn’t expect to get a dog. I was 26, I didn’t need the responsibility at the time. But I saw his face, we bonded instantly, and he’s been my best friend ever since.

For ten years, he sleeps in my bed, explores with me, travels with me. We fly together, take trains together, motorcycle around town. We are inseparable.

If my boy, Jeremy Bentham, was a golden retriever, I’d probably just get a golden. If he was a great dane, I’d be buying those huge goofy guys every ten years or so. But Jeremy Bentham is a mutt. All I know is, I’d love to see a face that reminds me of my best friend, someday; I know that until then, I’ll be subconsciously looking for him in the faces of other dogs. Call it an homage; I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to do so through cloning.