Kasimir was the most intelligent cat I have ever met. I always had the feeling that he could understand what I said. He could open doors by himself by jumping on the door handle. He loved to drive around with us in our Volkswagen bus, sitting on the dashboard and watching the road pass by. He also loved to lie on my partner’s broad shoulders, even when my partner was walking around the house.

And he always trusted us when he had hurt himself and had to be taken to the veterinarian, waiting trustingly and patiently for the procedure to end.

Of course, he also got himself into trouble regularly: once he spent 5 days in the car of a friend that was parked at our property while we went on a holiday together; she didn’t notice him sneaking into the car and locked him in during the holidays. But he survived, without water and food. In 2018, at the age of 16, suffering from paralysis, we had to let him go with pain in our hearts, but I find comfort in the thought of meeting a part of him again one day, in another cat with the same genes.