Mr. T

Mr. T lived to 18. I adopted him as a feral-like throwaway when he was three. He was the most amazing Bengal. A true living beauty. He mesmerized me every day. Devoted, connected, conscientious, a handful, and smart. He understood Christmas and giving gifts, tried to feed me, and protect me. His level of understanding and display of it was shocking. The gift of his presence was humbling.

I chose to clone because of his beautiful nature, markings, his body shape, size. I hope his clone will bear his wonderful wild and loving nature.

I truly appreciate what ViaGen did for me. My heart was attached to those biopsy vials. I didn’t realize how much so until FedEx lost track of them; not just once, but TWICE. I sent two samples and FedEx botched both shipments. It was a nightmare.

Since the biopsy was performed after death, ViaGen knew if they didn’t get the samples on time I would forever lose the chance of having my baby again. The ViaGen team stayed on FedEx, went ABOVE AND BEYOND, even after hours to track and secure his samples, and offered to drive to another city to obtain them at the FedEx hub. It was unbelievable what they did. They communicated with me frequently regarding his biopsy cell count due to the samples arriving in not the best condition. It was touch and go. They did everything possible to make this work. Thank you ViaGen for understanding how important cloning is to your clients. Because of ViaGen’s dedication, I have a viable sample now.