My adored dog Murphy is a mixed-breed, 11-year-old dog whom I rescued from a foster home when he was 7 months old. He had been found abandoned on a roadside with injuries to his feet.
I found his profile on and adopted him sight-unseen.
He traveled by bus to a location out of state but close to me. The scene that day was a joyous one: a line of people all waiting for the Perfinder bus to deliver their new canine family members.
I practically grabbed Murphy, so tiny, wearing a little sweater and wrapped in his blanket (still has; shown in photo), out of the handler’s arms and let my then-husband deal with the paperwork.
I loved him like he was my child from that very moment forward. I am very lucky to have found my perfect companion.
Murphy is easy to anthropomorphize as he is so highly intelligent, but I have educated myself on how best to provide a happy life to a dog.
Now divorced in my own home, I live alone with Murphy and our bond is stronger than ever as we both age. He is my constant companion: every day we enjoy our quiet, routinized life of trail running and hiking and hanging out by the fire indoors or else in my backyard in good weather.
As soon as I learned about Viagen Pets and their cloning service I knew I would someday choose to clone Murphy. He has been more family to me than my own family and I simply do not want to know life without him. I am truly grateful for the service that Viagen Pets provides, so that I know my Murphy will never perish. Thank you.