Nicholas (aka The Atomic Dog)

We are firm believer in adopting and not buying but Nicholas is our child not just one of our doggies. We were unable to have children so we dedicated our lives to helping animals in need. We met Nicholas during an fundraising event for dogs and he captured our hearts from that moment. He came to our home the following day and the rest is history. He has a lovely personality and behaves like a human.

Nicholas has truly changed our lives and as he is growing and getting older we cannot even think of losing him or living without him. We decided to research cloning and we feel is the best way to keep him with us. We dedicated one of our companies to him and all the rescues in the world. The name of the company is Atomic Dog and he is it.

We had five doggies but lost our second girl Leia in January 2020 to cancer and we felt the world ended. Losing our baby Leia made us understand doggies are not here forever and ever when they are lots of work not having them with us is more pain than we can bare.

All our other doggies come from terrible backgrounds and their health is not the best but we got lucky with Nicholas since he also seems to be the best with regards to his health. We are nervous but happy to be able to have the opportunity to have another Nicholas with us forever