Tinkerbelle The Dog is my first dog ever and my best friend.

Being allergic to most animals, I never had a pet.  So one day I was at a local Shelter and Tinkerbelle found me.  The workers told me that she was choosing me and I said – I never had a dog and I don’t know what to do with her.  Her name she was given was Lil Sis.  I changed that name before even leaving the shelter.  She was so tiny that she looked like a little fairy.  So her name Tinkerbelle was a perfect fit.

I never realized the bond that a person can have with their pet until I had Tinkerbelle.  She is loving, caring, extremely smart, and an extremely hard worker. A tiny 5 pound pup with a heart and brain of a 100 pound pup. I can not imagine a day without her by my side. She always brings a smile to my face – even when I am having a bad day. She makes everyday and adventure!

Our bond is so strong that once I heard of Genetic Preservation – I knew it was something I should look into.  Tinkerbelle is now 6 years old and a very successful model / actor and social media celebrity.  So the option of cloning her might be something I can decide down the road.  But for now – keeping all options and possibilities available – I chose to preserve her DNA.   This gives me peace knowing her DNA is stored and safe If I chose to proceed.

The procedure to obtain her DNA was simple, easy and painless.  Two little incisions were made on her inner thigh.  She bounced right out of the room and never had any side effects.  I was very nervous to have this procedure done to her as she is so tiny.  But, it is like she never had anything done to her at all!  Simple, fast, efficient, pain free and amazing.

I am so happy to know that there is a possibility of never losing Tinkerbelle.  She is my best friend and will always be with me.