The History of ViaGen

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ViaGen is a global expert in animal cloning and genetic preservation, and we are widely recognized as the global leader in these industries. We started in Austin, Texas in January 2002 to provide commercial bovine, equine and porcine genetic preservation and cloning services.

In 2003, ViaGen acquired ProLinia of Athens, Georgia. This acquisition doubled our cloning capacity, and provided rights to cloning technologies developed by the Roslin Institute of Edinburgh, Scotland – the team who cloned Dolly the sheep.

In 2007, ViaGen teamed with Trans Ova Genetics to form the joint venture Bovance, to promote bovine cloning in North America. Trans Ova Genetics has been a world-wide leader in bovine ART (assisted reproductive technologies) including embryo transfer and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) since 1980.

In late 2012, Trans Ova Genetics acquired ViaGen and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Trans Ova Genetics.

In 2014, Intrexon acquired Trans Ova Genetics and ViaGen.

In 2015, ViaGen launched ViaGen Pets specifically to serve pet parents worldwide with our world class genetic preservation and cloning services.

Today, all genetic preservation and cloning services for all non-primate mammals is under the umbrella of ViaGen, which is comprised of ViaGen Livestock, ViaGen Equine and ViaGen Pets.


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